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Arte di Murano | Visit the Furnace

The first Original Murano glass Tour, arriving comfortably with your car. No water taxy, no waste of time!

Now you can, book your visit our headquarter!

We have made our furnace unique, with its 2000 square meters, located on the upper floor at 12 meters above the ground, designed and built to show the Murano glass processing.

In order to fully satisfy the requests of our customers and visitors, you will find our staff to welcome you who will guide you in all phases of the production cycle starting from the melting of the glass to the delivery of the finished product with its packaging. and to personally get to know our Masters, with whom you can talk and show you some processing techniques.

We have studied 2 types of tours SILVER and PLATINUM.

Arte di Murano is located in Via Brunacci 7 - Venice near the Nave de Vero mall.


Duration about 1 hour:

  • Visit to the furnace
  • Explanation of the various production processing
  • Demonstration of the machining
  • Visit to the showroom art gallery

Price € 10.00

Price per person.
Minors up to 16 years old are our welcome guests.


Duration about 1.5 hours:

  • Visit of the furnace
  • Meeting with the master with explanation of the various production processes
  • Practical demonstration of processing
  • Practical work test (under the guidance of the master you will make your own object in Murano glass)
  • Visit to the showroom art gallery
  • After 24 hours the object you created or you buy will be delivered to your hotel

Price € 350,00

Price from 1 up to a maximum of 4 adults + children.
For the practical test of working age 10+.
For guests staying overnight in the Venetian hinterland the shuttle service is from / to the hotel, for guests staying overnight in the historic center of Venice the shuttle service is from / to Piazzale Roma.

Book now your visit to the furnace now.

Booking is very simple in 4 steps:

  1. click on the day you want to come
  2. choose the time
  3. choose your tour
  4. go to checkout

In 24 hours we will send you the confirmation by email.

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Murano Glass | History

Sand and fire, natural elements from whose meeting comes that noble gift we call glass. Glass was discovered by the Phoenicians around 5000 BC. and subsequently the Romans developed the glassmaking tradition by inventing it in the 1st century BC. the blowpipe and the window glass.

Glass arrived in Venice around the 1500s. Since the presence of the ovens was often the cause of fires and in order to better safeguard the secrets of the glass art, with an edict of 1291 the Doge confined all glass producers to the island of Murano, thus giving rise to the glassmaking tradition that will last for centuries.

The processing is handcrafted, freehand, by glass masters who have the creative ability to mold this precious material into objects of great and intense beauty.

The processing is handcrafted, freehand, by glass masters who have the creative ability to mold this precious material into objects of great and intense beauty.
All the products reach the ambient temperature by means of a slow and constant cooling which takes place in special muffles.

Once the production phases are completed, the finishing of the product begins, the qualitative selection, polishing, drilling, forging, cutting, grinding.

An art that has made the Art of Murano famous all over the world and which, thanks to continuous experimentation, manual skills and today's innovation, never ceases to amaze true lovers of beautiful things.

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